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Beginning with an extended riff involving the glorified music search engine Spotify and ending with the ongoing and ignored tragedy of European migration, these prose poems [sic] address a range of historic and contemporary particulars including the entertainer/paedophile Rolf Harris, ripoff payday loan sharks, English football grounds, world shipping, the endangered flora & fauna of the British Isles and singer-(not)songwriter Art Garfunkel.

TEN THOUSAND THINGS by Emily Critchley
... is about motherhood. Also it is about the equipmentality of woman in/to society in general. It is about parenting as labour; poetry as labour; labour as poetry; poetry as thought; thinking as poetry; protest as labour; poetry as protest; and our perennially changing, perennially stuck hereditary lines. It is for warrior-women. It is for girly-men. It is for all persons, animals, plants in between. It is about love. It is about fear. It is about doubt. It is about hope.


There has never been a poetry written by fathers about the father-daughter relationship. Tim Atkins’ ON FATHERS < ON DAUGHTYRS changes this. In a brand new poetics of the transcendent domestic, which combines the styles of The New York School and Britain’s Tom Raworth, slapstick and tragedy coexist on every page. Poet George Oppen asked the question; "My daughter, my daughter, what can I say of living?" Atkins’ happy poem is a 120-page answer: "Come down here right now/ & get your snot off the ceiling."

WORD/WORLD by Marianne Morris
... is a book of three registers, in three sections, which constitute a progression, through language, from the unruly, abstracted language of trauma, into a more integrated and embodied approach to a language that inhabits an awakened body in the present tense. The fabric of WORD/WORLD spans heirloom seeds, police murders, witch burning, Ayahuasca tourism, shamanism, the asteroid Chiron, soul mates, alchemical principles, plant medicine, tantric sex, gangster rap and the end of American Apparel.

CLICK & COLLECT by Colin Herd
... is a sequence of poems that explores the shape and shaping of consumerism, internet culture, queerness and emotion. How do we brand the world around us and how does it brand us? It gives advice on how to frighten your friends, weighs up the pros and cons of cream jeans, questions the efficacy of algae as a face mask, gives dental hygiene tips and ideas for floral arrangements. There’s even a poem from the perspective of the crocodile on Lacoste-branded clothing. “I do actually wish there was some way I could wear Colin Herd’s poems” said Sam Riviere.

Boiler House Poets Full Set #1