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RABBIT by Sophie Robinson

The long-awaited third collection from one of the UK’s finest, most virtuosic of modern lyric poets. These poems take the reader on surprising journeys of healing, hard-won amid personal and social vicissitudes – including triumph over addiction, and alcoholism – and open spaces in which to share in emotional, quasi-spiritual transcendence despite. Who could ask for more? “Sophie Robinson is one of my absolute favourites, her lines returning to me, visceral, unsettling, exacting, and stunning! If you read one book of poems this year, let it be this!” Says CA Conrad. PBS Wild Card Choice for Winter, 2018.


A book of prophecy against this Brexit era, rising from a post-2008 London, where crisis and austerity meet the vanity projects of the super-rich. Committed to the immediacy of a present that is precarious and under surveillance, Of Sirens... attends to queer, transfeminist and people of colour counter-memories and histories. It seeks new expressions of desire and modes of breath, pushing against the gravities that would rather these lives and worlds disappear...

SELF HEAL by Samantha Walton
A much-anticipated debut collection from the supremely talented Samantha Walton. It brims with riotous and tender experimental lyrics on love, work, protest, and survival among haunted interiors and post-industrial landscapes and explores processes of destruction and healing, testing the possibilities of self and collective care through meditations on poetic artifice and the architecture of identity, all with a thrilling linguistic strut and twinklings of mordant wit. “Here it is, the long-awaited collection by Samantha Walton! Self Heal is infused with passion and politics – you could say that the poems are love poems, but unlike any you’ve read..." – Lila Matsumoto



A fascinating, three-part interrogation of love, gender, ritual and the body. The opening sequence charts the breakdown and aftermath of a romantic relationship. The second, ‘Becoming’, then traces several feminine archetypes – the mother, the girl, the wild woman, the mermaid, Venus – in a critique of gender identity, summoning a lineage of strongly developed feminine ego identities in order to transcend and dissolve the individual (gendered) subject. The third sequence, entitled ‘Ecstasy (Dispersal)’ is then a reconstruction: a somatic and poetic (re)connection with the elements via crystal work, dance, somatics and food.


THE GREEN MONK by Marcus Slease
Written between London, Madrid, and Krakow, this book engages thrillingly with various surrealist visions of artists and poets, including Leonora Carrington, Salvador Dali, García Lorca, James Tate, and Chika Sagawa. It concerns, variously, erotics, animism & magic, food, death & sublime nature, fairy tales & alchemy, & the wonders of everyday life. It is simultaneously contemporary and ancient, built on visual images and techniques of juxtaposition and collage, accompanied by entertainingly absurd narratives. "Slease is a poet who reminds us the wildness of life is not something we can control or even fight against but rather something we should witness and honour." – Matthew Dickman, author of Wonderland


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